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My Favorite thing that I learned in Computer Science is that Computer Programming requires that you tune out so many things and focus on the program. To be sucussfell, you need to understand that what you are doing, where you are doing it and why. This class has shown me that Comuputer Science is a good way to leave the real world and create your own with the properties you desire.I would not take AP computers for the sole reason that I have no more room for it, what with my two other AP classes. I understand computer programming pretty well, with a rating of 8 put of 10. The best thing that happened in this class is spending time with friends especially the that very special one ;). best feeling is the feeling of their warmth =D. I support John Edwards for the President because of his policies on the war and the Immigration, which is neither to lax nor ridiculously strict. The race of the president should not matter and it says nothing of our country at the moment






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